Conferences and public events

International invited guest lecture engagements:

2019: Prince and Batdance: Batdance Symposium, Spelman College, Atlanta

2019: Keynote: Diva: Hip Hop, Feminism and Fierceness. University of Wolverhampton

2018 NYU Tandon, Brooklyn, New York- Prince: Lovesexy Symposium

2016 Teaching residency- Middle Tennessee State University

2015 KMH- Royal College of Music Stockholm, Sweden Celebrity Feminism

2015 Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, USA, Beyonce and Celebrity Feminism

Conference consultancy:

Prince from Minneapolis: A Symposium  at The  University  of  Minnesota, April 16-18, 2018.

Conference organisation:

2017 Purple Reign: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Life and Legacy of Prince, University of Salford.

2016 Mad Men: The Conference, Middle Tennessee State University.

2015 I’ll See You Again in 25 Years. Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult Television, University of Salford.

2014-present Programming Committee: Challenging Media Landscapes Conference, University of Salford 2011-2013 Arts and Media Post-Graduate Seminar Series – co-organiser University of Salford.

2009-2011 CCM Screens and Mediations Seminar Series. co-organiser University of Salford.

2007 The Big Reveal: Style, Class and Industry – First International Lifestyle Television Conference.

Conference Papers:

2017 BUTEX – Invited plenary: When, Where, Why of International Education for the Interconnected Generation (with Professor Abigail Gregory), BUTEX: British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association Symposium. Media City UK, University of Salford.

2017 Invited keynote: Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference, University of Salford.

2017 Invited lecture: Fan Studies Network Conference. Centre for Participatory Culture, University of Huddersfield, UK.

2016 Invited lecture: Beyoncé’s Celebrity Feminism. UNISINOS, Brazil.

2016 Invited keynote: Scholars as Critics: Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, Barcelona.

2016 Soundtrack Self: FKA twigs, Self-Documentation and Feminist Authenticity in the Music Video. Celebrity Studies Conference, Amsterdam.

2015 Invited keynote: SoMeFem: Social Media and Feminism conference: British Psychological Society, University of Salford.

2014 Lost Voice Guy: Transcending Barriers of Disability through Technology in Live Comedy Performance” Intetain: 6th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, Columbia College Chicago, United States, July 2014).

2014 Prime Time: Jane Fonda, ‘appropriate’ ageing and the re-making of a Hollywood persona. Celebrity Studies Conference, Royal Holloway.

2014 Opening Plenary: Celebrity and Ageing, Sex and the City Ten Years On: Landmark Television and its Legacy, Roehampton University, United Kingdom.

2013 Body, Ageing and Society; The Challenge of Cultural Gerontology – Celebrity Panel (British Society of Gerontology (BSG), University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

2013 Ageing in Hollywood. Revisiting Star Studies International Conference. Newcastle University.

2013 I do, don’t I? – Hyper-femininity and celebrity aspiration in reality wedding programming.ICA 2013 Panel “I’m ready for my close-up”: Representations of Women and Gendered Reality on Reality Television. London.

2012 Watching the Throne: Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Managing celebrity authenticity in the blogosphere. Celebrity Couples Conference, University of Southampton.

2012 It’s Complicated: Meryl Streep and the acceptable face of ageing in Hollywood. Acting Their Age: Women, Ageing & Popular Cinema, Newcastle University.

2011 Female Celebrity, Ageing and Hyper- Scrutiny in the Gossip Industry. Age Spots and Spotlights: Celebrity, Ageing and Performance, Birkbeck University of London.

2010 “Calling All Post-Feminists?: Celebrity Gossip Mavens, Pseudo-Empowerment, and Bitch Narratives” at Console-ing Passions Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism, University of Oregon, United States.

2009 Jordan/Kate and The State of Becoming: Transformation narratives and the Normalisation of Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Cultures: Beauty, globalisation, politics, practices, University of Leeds.

2009 “The Bitch is Back: Gossip Blogging, Postfeminism and Bitch Narratives”, Keywords in Communication, International Communication Association, Chicago, United States.

2008 “Toxic? – Perez Hilton, Gossip Blogging and the Spectacle of Female “Train Wreck” Celebrity.” Going Cheap? Female Celebrity in the Tabloid, Reality and Scandal Genres, School of Film and Television Studies, University of East Anglia.

2005 “I’m A Celebrity, Analyse Me!: The Appeal of Celebrity Reality Television”. Celebrity Culture Conference, University of Paisley.

Selected Public Talks and lectures:

October 2017 Q and A with I Am Not A Witch director Rungano Nyoni, HOME

June 2017 Ghost World, HOME

June 2017 Daughters of The Dust, HOME

May 2017 Mad Men: The Panel- Pilot Light Television Festival, HOME

May 2017 Girl Gang Manchester Bridesmaids Immersive Screening Introduction

February 2017 Jay Smooth: On Hip Hop, Race and Politics. University of Salford

Sept 2015 The Time is Now Podcast, HOME

Oct 2015 Women in Film and Television Launch host

July 2015 Suburban Angst: An Introduction to David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Manchester Central Library

July 2015 Under the Skin HOME

July 2015 Q and A with the director of AMY: The Amy Winehouse documentary

April 2014 Stardom and Rebel Without A Cause, Cornerhouse

Sept 2012 The Bad and The Beautiful, Cornerhouse Nov 2011 Gilda and the Femme Fatale, Cornerhouse

Feb 2011 Five Easy Pieces and the Hollywood Renaissance, Cornerhouse

Nov 2009 Exposures: New Talent in Moving Image Documentary Forum, Cornerhouse


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